The Relationship Between Sociology and Other Social Sciences

The Relationship Between Sociology and Other Social SciencesSociology can be defined as the science that deals with human
relationship. It is the study of how human beings relate with each
other, how each individual relationship has been influenced by other
people and the patterns which are formed out of their interactive
relationships. Sociology emphasizes group relationships and total
social environment. Sociology studies human behaviour in a different
way from other academic approaches.
Sociology looks at a wide range of behavior than economist or
political scientist. Political science studies the organization and
functioning of system government. Sociology also study political life
but less as an isolated phenomenon and more in terms of general
sociological principles. The focus of the economist is on the
production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.
Sociology also study economic behavior but it relates closely to
social and cultural factors such as age sex, social class and ethic
groups. Where psychology study individual behaviour, sociologist
study social behaviour. Sociology deals with social behaviour that
goes beyond the psychology on a single individual and necessarily
focuses on the observation of categories or groups. With regards to
social work it studies human behaviour on a micro scale, whereas
sociology studies human behaviour on a macro scale. The focus of a
social worker is behavioural change. Anthropology is another social
science that is related to sociology. They both share an interest in
the past, with history and are concern with contemporary events. As
anthropology and sociology develops the distinction between them has
become blurred. However it has been argued that the difference
between two disciplines is that anthropology emphasizes the study of a
particular culture in its entirety and its uniqueness. Sociology on
the other hand seeks to establish analytical principles of social
organizations and social relationships and develop generalizations
that are applicable to a wide variety of cultural context. Demography
is the study of the population. All aspects of sociology are studied
by demographers. Demography goes hand in hand with sociology,
providing empirical data on which sociologist build theories.